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We value each and every client, irrespective of company size. NUIA has worked with companies in the following sectors:

  • Health and Pharmaceuticals

  • Consulting Services

  • Service Sector - HR, Legal, Real Estate

  • Energy/Oil and Gas

  • NGOs


We have helped the following companies in the following countries:​


1. A German HR Executive Search Firm: marketing strategy development and implementation.

2. An online Russian travel website: content creation, management, and website management, in English.

3. An American law firm: developed marketing strategy for market entry into Russia.

4. An online Japanese English language school: Developed and implemented the marketing strategy for market entry into Russia.

5. An African online e-commerce company: marketing strategy, social media management, website and content management. 


1. A Russian law firm: market entry into China.

2. A Russian based NGO: brand awareness in Europe (Austria, Germany, UK, France, Brussels) and Asia (Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur).


1. A Chinese import company: arranged a business mission to Nigeria.

2. Russian export Company: arranged a business mission to Nigeria.

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